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Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding : Causes and treatment

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism is the rhythmic clenching of the jaws, simultaneously including the teeth. Although it is done unconsciously in your sleep, people who suffer from teeth grinding usually wake up with a sore jaw, a headache, and ear pain. In most cases, teeth grinding occurs in one’s sleep, but few people know that it can also happen when one is awake. When a person has become a habitual jaw clencher, one will unconsciously clench their jaws/teeth while concentrating on a task, such as doing heavy work, reading, or practically anything that requires mind work.

Ask your dentist at Braydon Dental Care clinic, so they can give you different tips and treatments for Bruxism. Treatments can range from simply getting rid of a stressful lifestyle, as this greatly contributes to teeth grinding.

Other causes of teeth grinding can range from excessive alcohol intake, caffeine, smoking, sleep disorders and depression are all linked to the possibility of teeth grinding. These possible causes though have not been proven as research study suggests that at least 70% of people who grind their teeth at night suffer from sleep apnea or other sleep disorders related to stress and anxiety.

Treatment of bruxism varies depending on its cause. If you grind your teeth due to a stressful lifestyle, your dentist will tell you to eliminate stress as stress could be a cause of many ailments. If you Bruxism is caused by an overbite or crooked teeth, your dentist will most probably let you use a night guard to protect your teeth from abrasion. There are also other options such as the use of a mandibular advancement device. A mandibular advancement device is custom made and aims to bring your bottom jaw forward to treat an overbite.

If you feel that you suffer from the above-mentioned symptoms, see a dentist at Braydon Dental Care  Clinic immediately for treatment.


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