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The Braydon Dental Care services consist of 5 different types of services.

We also make sure we stay on top of all the latest developments in dental care and products in order to provide our patients the most comfortable calm experience.

By offering 5 different types of services we can cover pretty much any dental need your family may have so you will not have to go anywhere else other than Braydon Dental Care.

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Our general dental services cover a wide range of different services in one clinic so that you never have to go anywhere else.

Nitrous oxide sedation, pediatric dentistry, periodontal therapy, checkup and cleaning, extractions, fillings, and gum disease are just some of the general services that we provide.

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Our cosmetic services include things like bridges, bonding, gum reduction, and more all to help you have a beautiful radiant smile.

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With products from over the counter to new products that are just coming on the market we can help you with guards for sports or sleeping, canker or cold sores, thumb sucking, and more.

Products that will ease your pain, help stop behaviors such as thumb sucking or stop your snoring for a better night sleep.

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Pediatric kids dentistry and smile enhancement are in our preventive care services to help start out with good oral health and have fewer cavities develop.

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We offer special treatments such as braces, implants, bone grafts, dentures, and treatment oral issues that cause headaches such as TMJ.

No matter where you or your family member fall into the stages of life we have you covered. You will know your dentist and your dentist will know you. Your dentist will also be aware of all the latest treatments and products.

Making beautiful smiles happen is what we do. Book now!

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