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Here at Braydon Dental Care, our mission is to put your health first.

We care about your health because you are family and we will treat you with the respect you deserve.

Our team of dedicated staff offers a wide range of services that cover you and your family from pediatrics to seniors.

In fact, we know how hectic and challenging life can be which is why we offer appointments to fit your schedule; including nights and weekends.

We have created our clinic with cozy and calm in mind. Helping our patients stay calm is part of our mission. We have found that being in a cozy environment helps address any concerns or questions you have about your dental needs; both procedures and payments.

When it comes to payments, we take many different forms of payments so that you can use the one you are most comfortable with. Just one more way we treat you like family.

Our services include:

* General services: checkups, cleanings, dental emergencies, caps, extractions, dental sealants, and many others.

* Cosmetic services: bridges, whitening, dental bonding, gum reductions

* Preventive services: smile enhancement, child dentistry including pediatric

* Products: canker cold sores, mouth guards, snoring, thumb sucking

* Special treatments: braces, implants, bone grafting

We have specialists who can treat you in all of those services and more, making all your dental needs easy to take care of in one clinic.

We know your family has different dental needs at different stages of their lives, having the ability to address all those needs in one clinic takes stress off you.

We are always open to new patients, come on in and become part of the family.

As you can see we are all about family here, so please drop by and take a tour of our cozy family facilities.

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