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Sports Guard

If you play any contact sport or school athletic games you should be wearing a sports guard for both practice and games.

Even gymnast should wear sports guards to help protect their teeth, lips, tongue, and jaw. With the tumbling, beam work, and so on, a gymnast could easily end up with a mouth injury.

How sports guards work

A sports guard makes a cushion between the upper and lower jaw protecting the teeth, lips, and jaw.

They also help reduce concussions because of that cushion the lower jaw is not driven into the upper jaw causing a shockwave that could result in a concussion.

Types of injuries caused by not wearing a guard

There are several types of injuries that can happen if you do not wear a sports guard;

• Chipped teeth

• Broken teeth

• Lip injuries from teeth

• Tongue injuries from teeth

• Concussion

Where to get sports guards

You really should get your sports guard from a dentist who can custom fit it.

While sports guards are readily available at sporting goods stores, those often do not fit well and are not as effective as a professionally fitted sports guard from your dentist.

Cost of sports guards

While sports guards bought in sporting goods stores are less expensive you may want to consider that the restoration of a broken tooth is far more expensive.

If you need a tooth extraction and a dental implant you are looking at a bill of over $5,000.00.

The couple hundred it may cost in a professional sports guard is a large saving when you consider the dental bill or urgent care bill if you end up with a concussion.

If you need a custom sports guard Braydon Dental care can make an impression and send it to the lab for a professional sports guard.



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