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Snoring and Thumb sucking Appliances

Snoring and thumb sucking appliances are two devices that Braydon Dental Care can provide you that will help end either one of these problems.

Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking can damage a child’s teeth and shape of their mouth if it continues much past the age of 3.

If a toddler continually sucks his or her thumb, the teeth can end up crooked, their bite could be off, and the teeth could come in crooked.

Habitual thumb sucking can also cause the child to start tongue thrusting with can cause that same issues.

If you are having problems with getting your child to stop sucking his or her thumb, there are two appliances that can help.

1. Thumb worn appliance that can be taken off each morning that makes stops the child from sucking on the thumb during the night.
2. A dental appliance which is wires and the dentist must take it off.

Both curb your child sucking; the dentist will determine which one will work better for your child.

Snoring appliance

The snoring appliance is similar to a retainer and worn at night when you go to sleep.

It works by keeping the lower jaw in a forward position which in turn keeps the airways open.

There is also a chin strap for snoring which keeps my mouth closed and you breathe through your nose.

The chin strap is similar to the gear worn for sleep apnea, however, just because you snore does not mean you have sleep apnea.

A sleep test must be done in order to be diagnosed with sleep apnea and be prescribed a machine that will keep you breathing during your sleep such as a CPAP.

Braydon Dental Care can help you with thumb sucking or snoring devices so speak to your dentist about your situation.



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