Teeth Whitening Brampton

Everyone wants a whiter brighter smile. Bright and white teeth can boost up your confidence and have you smiling all the time! Have a special occasion coming up and need a quick fix for your smile? Well, we have a perfect solution, which is fast, effective and affordable. Teeth whitening can be safely and effectively done in our Brampton dental office. You will be offered the most exceptional customer service by our trained and skilled staff.

Whitening works great on discolored or stained teeth and the results are amazing. Whitening is also a great option after braces to give you a perfect smile. During your appointment you have the option of watching TV while having your treatment or catching up on reading your favourite magazine. In less than an hour you can walk out from our Brampton dental office and feel great about your smile.

When you come to Braydon Dental Care for whitening you can expect relaxation, comfort and the most up to date whitening system to give you a radiant smile. We offer the latest chair-side whitening systems to give you a beautiful luminous smile.

Chair Side Whitening at the Brampton office:

• The Dentist will assess the shade of teeth
• Teeth will be polished to remove food debris
• Mouth props are used to keep tongue and lips away from the whitening solution?
• Gums are protected with a barrier to keep solution from touching gums ?
• Solution is applied to teeth and light cured for two to three times, each session lasting about 8 to 10 minutes?
• Teeth are examined and a whiter brighter smile is achieved
• Cost of whitening can range from $250 to $500

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