Scaling in Brampton

Scaling is a technique that is used by oral hygienists in order to remove the dental plaque caused by bacteria present in your mouth. It is a simple and yet highly effective method to improve the longevity of your teeth and prevent tooth loss.

Plaque is constantly formed because of the food particles left behind that provides ‘food’ for the bacteria. If the plaque is not removed within 10-14 hours of formation, it becomes hardened (also known as Calculus) and it can then only be removed through the scaling procedure. Over the counter mouthwashes and other home grown techniques can help in controlling plaque buildup but ultimately it is not as effective as scaling. Even the most contentious patients with the best regular oral health care practices can suffer from plaque build-up and it is therefore recommended to have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year. The practice of scaling does not harm the teeth in any way and once a regular routine is established, it can be a done very efficiently.

Why should you care?

So you may ask, what is the consequence of ignoring hardened plaque? The answer spells bad news for your oral health and even your social life. Gingivitis is a common symptom of the bacteria working its way down to the tooth foundation, eventually causing bone loss and a receding gum-line.

So how does it work?

The Dental hygienist uses special tools to do a deep cleaning i.e. cleaning above and below the gum line. Sometimes an ultrasonic device with a fine tip is used. This device vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency which is how it dislodges the hardened plaque from the tooth surface without damaging the tooth in any way. The complexity of the procedure really depends on how long between cleanings as sometimes due to stubborn plaque, the visit may be broken up into a few sessions based on the different quadrants in the mouth.

Ultimately, the best defense against periodontal disease is to ensure that you are following best practices when it comes to your oral health. However, sometimes these practices alone cannot help resolve all dental issues and that’s when you can trust us to step in and make some dental ‘magic’ happen :). Come visit us at our Brampton office for your next cleaning appointment!




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