Crowns in Brampton

At our Brampton dental office, we do all kinds of treatments including crowns or commonly known as caps. Crowns are done on a tooth with a large filling, cracked tooth, tooth with root canal and generally broken and damaged teeth when the tooth structure is weak and therefore needs support to stay healthy. Crowns are also placed on teeth with implants and bridges. A crown on a tooth will support the tooth from breaking or further damage. Crowns come in different material such as silver, gold or porcelain (white). Crown basically covers all sides of the tooth and restores proper shape and function.
At Braydon Dental Care, we use the latest materials available to give you a perfect crown which will protect your tooth. The first appointment involves preparing the tooth for crown and taking measurements by impressions of your teeth. Crown has to be functional as well as esthetically appealing so a proper shade to match the color of the rest of the teeth is selected. Impressions are sent out to the lab so a crown can be fabricated. In the meantime a temporary crown is fitted on the tooth. In the second appointment which will be in seven to ten days later a temporary crown is removed and a permanent crown from the lab will be cemented on the tooth.
Crowns are very strong and fabricated considering many factor such as the color, length of your teeth as well as your bite. In our Brampton dental office a patient is given the opportunity to discuss any concerns or preference they may have regarding their crown. Proper home care is very important such as brushing two times a day as well as flossing one times per day to maintain not only your crown but also your overall oral health. Regular dental exams are recommended to make sure crown and the area around it is healthy. All white material crowns are generally used in the Brampton dental office, which give pleasing results and restore the desired function of the tooth. For a consultation with our dentist in Brampton at Braydon Dental Care, please feel free to call or e-mail us.

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