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Reasons You May Need to have Braces in Brampton

Posted by on January 16, 2018 under Dental Health

When we think of braces our first thought is crooked teeth.
Yes, braces can straighten crooked or overcrowded teeth but that is not the only reason to have braces.

Another reason for braces Brampton

Jaw misalignment is another reason for braces.
Jaw misalignment falls into what is known as underbite or overbite. This is where the teeth do not meet like they should; either the upper or low jaw is farther forward than the other.

They can also be offset to the side one way or another.
Your regular dentist will be the one to recommend you see an orthodontist to see if you can benefit from braces.

At what age can you get braces in Brampton

You can get braces at any age but generally, this happens between the age of 10 and 14, however, adults are also now getting braces.

Normally, your Brampton dentist will be the first to notice if you or your children need braces and recommend you see an orthodontist.

Parents should discuss braces with their children as to how they will feel having braces. Kids may not like the way braces will change their looks, especially if they feel other kids will bully them over the braces.

Children and even adults need to understand that while “invisible” braces may make their life easier when it comes to other people knowing they have braces but the invisible braces will not always work for their teeth or jaw issues.

Your children and even adults need to understand that the Brampton orthodontist is a better judge of exactly what will work best for your particular teeth and jaw issues. In some instances, the misalignment is so bad that it will require metal braces but even those have become smaller and safer than they used to be.