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Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy can come in many forms, but only have one goal in common, to restore the damaged nerves and tissues around the tooth. Periodontal therapy is needed when the disease from the gums have spread to the bones that hold the tooth. There are different types of periodontal therapy. Some require non-surgical procedures, while some may require surgical procedures.

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Here are the different kinds of periodontal therapy, keeping in mind that there is a different treatment for various cases.

Gum grafting

Gum grafting happens when lost gum tissues are replaced to protect the tooth. In this procedure, your dentist takes healthy gum tissue and moves it to where it is needed.

Periodontal plastic surgery

In the dental industry, the term “plastic surgery” almost always involves a re-shaping of gum tissues to give it a better look.

Dental implants

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer a titanium dental implant for a tooth replacement. In this surgical procedure, the implant is placed beneath the gum line and into the jaw bone. After which, it is then attached to a dental crown and can be disguised as a real tooth.

Crown lengthening surgery

This is another surgical procedure that your dentist usually suggests when your tooth that’s covered by gum and bone tissue is exposed either for cosmetic reasons or as an aid prior to having a dental crown. In essence, what’s visible is more teeth, less gum visibility.

Periodontal Laser treatment

Another rising option among the crowd nowadays is periodontal laser treatment. It can offer many advantages over the regular surgery. With laser treatment, the biggest factor is eliminated: discomfort, followed by gum shrinkage.


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