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Night Guards

Night guards are similar to retainers and made of plastic that covers the top or bottom teeth in order to cushion them from grinding.

Who needs night guards?

If you only occasionally grind or clench your teeth then you probably have nothing to worry about; however, those who grind and clench their teeth habitually will require a night guard in order to protect their teeth as well as address some other issues caused from clenching or grinding.

Since this grinding takes place when you are asleep how do you know if you need a night guard?

Your dentist will be able to determine if you need a night guard by examining your teeth for wear, chips, and asking you several questions.
Questions such as; Do you wake with facial or jaw pain, frequent earaches or headaches?

Getting the proper fit

Night guards can be purchased from online sources as well as pharmacies that are the boil and bite type or your dentist can do a custom fit from a mold of your mouth.

Since you are wearing this at night when you sleep you want it to be comfortable you may not want to do a boil and bite type as they are bulkier than the custom made you can get from the dentist.

Yes, the custom made is more expensive, but if you want to get good sleep you really are better off going with the custom made.

Not to mention you will be more likely to wear the custom made that is fit to your mouth than the bulky boil and bite.

The object is to protect your teeth from chips and fractures as well as ease up the headaches, earaches, and facial or jaw pain; if the guard is uncomfortable you will not wear it.

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