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Brampton dentist: What Type of Mouthguard should you Use?

Posted by on June 19, 2018 under Dental Health

What type of mouth guard for braces, Brampton?

This will depend on a couple of factors.

Factors in choosing a mouth guard

First, if your child has braces and plays sports it is impoisant that the correct mouth guard be used in order to protect against potential injury to the brace wearer as well as others playing the sport.

Second, you want a mouth guard that fits properly that will help provide protection to the braces and teeth.

Custom fit or over the counter?

What is the difference between an over the counter and custom fit mouth guard when it comes to comfort and protection?

One thing you should consider is talking to the team coach to find out if there are any requirements for the mouth guard as some sports require double mouth guard (one that covers the top and bottom teeth). There may also be team insurance that requires it be made by a dentist.

If your child participates in more than one sport, you should talk to each coach and then talk to your dentists.

Especially, considering that the braces are to shift the child’s teeth and every few months the guard will not fit properly. The boil and bite over the counter guard maybe less expensive.

Your dentist will have a good understanding of your child’s teeth and their needs so listen to his or her recommendation on the mouth guards.

Everyone seems to have a very hectic lifestyle these days with work, school, and after-school activities it can be hard to get to the dentist.

However, Brampton dental clinic open weekends can relieve some of that stress with weekend hours.

You can get an appointment for the weekend when things are a little less hectic.