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The Best Mouth Guards can Prevent Injuries

Anyone who plays any sort of contact sports, including skateboarding, gymnastics, or other activities that a person could end up with a mouth injury should wear a mouth guard.

Mouth guards not only protect your teeth but also your lips, tongue, and jaw.

Types of mouth guards

There are three types of mouth guards which we will discuss.

Stock mouth protectors

Stock mouth protectors are preformed ready to wear and cheap to buy.

You can purchase them in any sporting goods store; the problem is they are bulky and you cannot change the way they fit.

Not only are they bulky, they make breathing and talking difficult nor do they offer much protection; dentists do not recommend these types of mouth guards.

Boil and bite

The boil and bite can also be purchased at most sporting goods stores and cost a little more than stock guards do.

You put the guard in hot water to warm then shape them to your teeth using your fingers and tongue.

They fit better and offer slightly more protection than stock guards but are not fitted as well as custom fit guards.

Custom Fit

The custom fit mouth guards are fitted by your dentist and then made in the office dental lab or sent to the lab to be made from the custom mold the dentist took of your mouth.

Custom fit guards offer more protection than the other two types as well as the most comfortable since they are custom fit.

While they are a little more expensive they are the best mouth guard to prevent injury to your teeth, lips, face, or jaw.

Where can you get your custom fit mouth guard; visit your Braydon Dental Care dentist.



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