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Implants and Bone Grafting

A top option for a missing tooth is a dental implant. An implant is a titanium post inserted into your jawbone used to form the root for an artificial tooth. Not only does it appear natural, it also functions just like a real tooth for eating and speaking. You can receive implants whether you are missing one or several teeth.


Receiving an implant requires a few trips to our clinic. At the first, we will assess your suitability for an implant. This involves checking the condition of your gums and performing an X-ray to examine the bone beneath. If everything looks fine, we can proceed with the surgery.

The first surgery involves making an incision in your gum down to the bone. We then drill a hole into the bone for the implant. To fill the gap, you can receive a temporary partial denture at this time.

You will later return to our clinic to receive the implant. Once it has combined with your jawbone (in a process called osseointegration), you return once again. We will reopen your gum to fit an abutment onto the implant. A couple weeks later, we can fit an artificial tooth on this abutment.

Bone Grafting

An implant requires a strong jawbone. If your jawbone is too weak, which can be the case if you lost a tooth sometime ago, you will first need bone graft surgery. We carry out this procedure in our clinic.

For the bone graft, we will add a special material to your jawbone. This will combine with your natural bone to strengthen your jaw. For mild grafts, we carry out this surgery at the same time as your implant surgery. However, most of the time, a bone graft requires an extra surgery. You must then wait a few months before you return for your first implant surgery.



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