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Happy Halloween from Your Brampton Dentist!

POSTED BY: Manpreet Mangat

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The day of indulgence has arrived, and we want you to enjoy it! Here a few tips to keep in mind this Halloween:

Avoid Sticky Candies!

Toffee, caramels, taffy, and gummies – please avoid! While very tasty and sweet, these candies tend to stick on your teeth and can cause tooth decay more easily. The saliva in your mouth is unable to fully wash away these candies as well as hard candies and lollipops that are in your mouth for a long time. The sugars bugs cling for their life on your teeth! The longer a sugary, or carbohydrate-rich food is in the mouth, the longer the mouth stays at an acidic pH. This allows for the cavity-causing bacteria lots of time to do their dental damage. Be sure to have a glass of water next to you if you are eating sticky candies.

Brush Before and After

We are used to brushing our teeth first thing in the morning and right before bed. But when you are eating these delicious candies and treats, be sure to brush your teeth BEFORE eating the treats and approximately 1 hour after eating the treats. Not only will this clear your palette for better taste of those sugary snacks we all love, it will cut the work in half and eliminate those pestering sugar bugs.

Eat Your Candy After Dinner!

Fill up on a nutritious dinner, and have your candies for dessert! Our body recognizes the process for dinner time, producing enough saliva for food to pass through our mouths, over our teeth, and down our throats. By eating candy which has a high acidic content while production of saliva is higher, far less acid and bacteria will remain in your mouth after eating, significantly decreasing the risk of tooth decay.

Chocolate is Your Safest Bet

Unlike other sticky and hard candies, chocolate is the sweetest treat for your teeth. It melts fast and does not cling stubbornly to your teeth like other treats. Not only to avoid tooth aches but tummy aches as well; chocolate is the Halloween Handout recommended by Kennedy Dental Care!


Our staff at Braydon Dental Care hope you have a very Happy and Safe Halloween! Don’t forget to book your oral hygiene appointment within the next 2 weeks in any case, before those sugar bugs extend their stay!

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