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Gum Reduction

Gum reduction or contouring is considered cosmetic. However, there are times when it is not cosmetic and those are when the gums are reduced or tissue is added to the gums.

What is gum reduction?

Gum reduction or shaping is done with a scalpel or laser in order to remove excess gum tissue from the teeth.

When it comes to shaping or contouring of the gums, gum tissue can also be grafted in to cover roots that are showing after the gums have receded due to periodontal disease.

Who benefits from gum reduction?

Anyone who has too much or too little gum disease can benefit from gum reduction or contouring.

If your gums are too thick or cover too much of your teeth making them look small, then gum reduction can make your teeth a more normal size.

Are there any risks to gum reduction?

As with any surgery there are some risks;

1. Reaction to anesthesia

2. Infection

3. Excessive bleeding

Be sure to tell your dentist about any medications you are taking and if you have any allergies.

The benefits

The benefits are more even and better looking gums that can also protect your teeth.

If your teeth roots are showing, they can easily trap food particles which will cause decay so a gum graft will cover those roots and protect the teeth.


Recovery time after a gum procedure will vary depending on what needs to be done and your overall health.

Generally, it takes only a couple weeks but during that time you will want to avoid spicy foods, anything with seeds, and brush and floss very carefully.

Your dentist can recommend over the counter pain relievers for you take during that time.

Braydon Dental Care can answer any questions or concerns you have with gum reduction. 



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