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General Dental Services

We have a wide range of general services at Braydon Dental Care to treat all your needs.

Starting with regular checkups and cleanings to keep your oral health on track to deep cleanings, dental emergencies such as a broken tooth, and more Braydon provides you a comfortable stress-free clinic.

Other general services include:

• Caps or Crowns we can provide crowns to restore one or more teeth and make them strong again.

• Cavities: we will remove any tooth decay you have that is causing cavities.

• Dental Sealants: we can use dental sealants to help protect the teeth from cavities.

• Extractions/Wisdom Teeth Removal: should you need an extraction we are able to provide that without stress      or pain.

• Fillings: fillings can help restore decayed teeth in most instances.

• Gum Disease: we have treatments to help with gum disease in different stages.

• Nitrous Oxide Sedation: there is no reason for you to be anxious during your procedure.

• Pediatric Dentistry: helping kids learn that good oral hygiene is important as well as how to do proper oral      hygiene.

• Periodontal Therapy: if you are unfortunate enough to have periodontal disease we do periodontal therapy to     help you save as many of your natural teeth as possible.

• Root Canal Therapy: we used this to help save your natural teeth

• Teeth Grinding: if you grind your teeth we can recommend night guards to protect your teeth and help prevent     TMJ symptoms.

• Tooth Desensitization: whether you are sensitive to hot or cold; we can help with ways to desensitize the teeth     so you can again enjoy hot or cold drinks and food.

All of our dentists stay current on the latest treatments and products to better serve all your general dentistry needs.

If you are in need of any of our services come by and see us.


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