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To fill a gap left by a cavity and stop the spread of decay, you need a filling. One of our most common treatments, the majority of people receive at least one filling at some point in their life. We offer diagnosis and treatment in the familiar settings of our clinic.

The Process

We will detect any cavities during your dental checkup when we probe your teeth. We can also diagnose cavities that are out of sight (such as between teeth) with X-rays.

The first step in treating a cavity is to remove the decay and clean the area. Then, we will fill the space with a material of your choice. The type of filling you receive will determine the exact procedure. Some filling materials require just one visit to our clinic whereas others require multiple appointments.

Choosing a Material for Fillings

Traditionally, all filling were made from amalgam. Although amalgam is still a popular choice, it is not your only option.

A stronger material is gold. Fillings made from gold can last 20 years or more and rarely cause any irritation to the gums. However, they are expensive and, like amalgam, don’t match the colour of your teeth.

Tooth-coloured fillings come in two materials: composite and porcelain. Composite is the more cost-effective option, but it is less durable and prone to staining. Porcelain is ideal for front teeth and visible areas of the mouth. It costs around the same as gold.

How We Diagnose Cavities

Most of the time, tooth decay has no symptoms. You may notice a small black hole on a tooth, but often cavities are hidden. Tooth decay can cause discomfort, but only in the latest stages when a cavity is already extensive. For these reasons, you need regular checkups to detect tooth decay as early as possible.



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