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Dr Vikhar Ahmed


Dr. Vick loves dentistry! He graduated from University of British Columbia. Prior to this, he was an internationally trained Dentist and has had ample experience in the field of dentistry. He carefully examines and discusses all his findings with his patient prior to making a final treatment plan. Providing a clear explanation of the patient’s treatment in priority is what he does best. This helps the patient understand the state of their oral health and helps them feel at ease in the next steps of their dental treatment. With Dr. Vick’s experience in the field, he understands and thoroughly takes the time to get to know his patients and does his best to relieve them of their dental concerns and anxiety. Dr. Vick enjoys doing all kinds of treatments. He is interested and confident in a full range of services, especially in Oral Surgery and Endodontic procedures.

“Life is so much brighter when we focus on what truly matters”

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