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Dental Emergency

Often, we have dental emergencies in our life. When your tooth hurts severely, it is a dental emergency. The common injuries can severely impact our living tissues, which can further cause some severe problems, so it’s better to visit your nearby clinic right away.

If your crown is missing, you have a chipped tooth, a sudden crack in a tooth, lost a filling, or have severe pain, you have trauma in all such situations, so you need to consult Braydon Dental Care. Our skilled hygienists and dentists will diagnose all such issues under one umbrella, and our doors for patients always remain open for certain dental emergencies.

Here are some situations for dental emergencies:

Injury to your tooth:

Injury can be in the form of any trauma, and you are required to visit Braydon Dental Care immediately. Some X-rays will be taken, and services are provided to bring the health of your injured tooth back on the track to health. Never eat anything with a broken tooth, and ask your doctor before taking any painkillers, such as aspirin or Panadol.

Extruded tooth:

In some situations, your tooth comes out partially but somehow manages to attach to nerves. Such scenarios are called an extruded tooth, which can be saved if you visit the clinic right away. Don’t touch it, as it is already attached to its socket; you should take a painkiller to relieve pain or apply ice cubes until you visit Braydon Dental Care.

Severe pain:

Sometimes we experience sharp pain in our teeth that is usually not due to any trauma. It happens when food particles come into contact with the decayed portion. The pain is due to food; heat causes pressure to the nerves that cause severe pain.

If you don’t get yourself treated, the pain will get more serious, and you won’t be able to brush, and the bacteria inside your tooth will start multiplying, leading to a dangerous situation of tooth decay that is called an abscess.  It is advisable to consult us in case you experience such pains, and we will begin the diagnosing process before the problem gets worst.

Cracked tooth and crown falling off:

If your tooth is broken or cracked, you need to consult us immediately. Usually, minor cracks do not show up in X-Rays, but their symptoms include the sensitivity of the tooth, sudden pain, etc.

When your crown or filling falls out, the common cause behind such an issue is a cavity that gets deeper with time, due to which the hold is no longer strong. It’s better to consider this an emergency and visit the dentist, as it sometimes causes pain due to your tooth being more sensitive to air and heat. Though, if you don’t schedule an appointment, keep the crown in a safe place and visit us at your earliest convenience.



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