Dental Clinic on Braydon in Brampton

Posted by on February 20, 2018 under Dental Emergency

Braydon Dental Care is your family dental clinic on Braydon Avenue in Brampton.

Benefits of clinic on Braydon

There are many benefits of the clinic on Braydon some of which are;
Easy to get to
Plenty of parking
Offers dentistry to the whole family regardless of age
Provides general dentistry, cosmetic services, special treatments, products, and preventative care
A friendly knowledgeable staff
A welcoming and cozy waiting area
The latest in technology and equipment

What you can expect from the family clinic

You can expect good dental care with a friendly staff and well-trained dentists.

A clinic in which you and your family can stay throughout the changes that occur during life; from pediatrics to geriatrics can all be handled in the dental clinic on Braydon.

The latest in dental technology to help ensure your teeth stay healthy, ensure that you have a smile you love to show off, and a proper bite that helps you chew properly.

Braces, when you or your child needs to have teeth straightened, you can find them in the clinic. Traditional and invisible braces the orthodontist will choose the one that will give you best results.

Emergency care, if needed, is another thing you can expect at the family clinic with hours that fit everyone’s schedule and hectic life including night hours and hours on Saturdays. If you have a chipped tooth, a loose filling, or another dental emergency we can handle it.

A wise choice for you

Choosing the dental office on Braydon is a wise choice for you that will help you keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

The dentists and hygienists can answer questions you may have about proper brushing, flossing, the proper tools to use, and even what mouth rinse would best work for you.