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Dental Cleaning and Dental Scaling

Dental cleaning/scaling  , may seem like identical procedures. However, in a dental cleaning procedure, your dentist’s or hygienist’s work will mostly be supragingival, or above the gum line. In an oral prophylaxis a.k.a dental cleaning, your dentist works on removing plaque and dirt build up on the common surfaces of the teeth. Although the same instrument is still used, a scaler, the difference lies in the focus area of the cleaning.

In a dental scaling procedure, however, your hygienist does a similar procedure to that of a dental cleaning, only that the focus area this time lies below the gum line or beneath the gum surface. Scaling is slightly more uncomfortable compared with cleaning, therefore, your dentist or hygienist at Braydon Dental Care may probably suggest a local anesthetic prior to the procedure.

Similarly, dental scaling may also be referred to as “deep cleaning” as we have already established that the cleaning focus lies beneath the gum surface. This is advisable especially for people who have developed gum diseases and gum pockets over years of poor dental hygiene. When these gum pockets have reached a certain depth due to dirt build up, then a scaling procedure is done.

While a lot of people dread dental scaling, your dentist or hygienist at Braydon Dental Care would be able to explain the procedure to you with full ease, ensuring that you are made aware of what will be done. Transparency and comfort are of utmost importance to the dental professionals.

In essence, dental cleaning and dental scaling are both cleaning procedures. The main difference lies where the cleaning focal point is. The same instruments are also used for both procedures, although not both cleaning procedures require a local anesthetic, while most scaling procedures would most probably require local anesthetics


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