Should You Avoid Certain Foods or Drinks After a Dental Cleaning in Brampton?

Posted by on April 9, 2018 under Dental Health

Going to the dentist isn’t exactly a pleasant experience for most individuals. In fact, the use of drills, utensils, tools and lying uncomfortably with your mouth wide open for what feels like hours isn’t at the top of most patients’ lists of fun things to do.
Furthermore, a dental cleaning Brampton can also be painful, depending on the level of cleaning needed. Love them or hate them, annual or biannual dental cleanings are important to ensure that you keep your teeth healthy.
If you are a patient that experiences sensitivity, minor pain and discomfort, and tender gums after a dental cleaning, you may wonder if you should avoid certain foods or drinks after a cleaning. Here is what you should know…

What to Do After a Dental Cleaning in Brampton

Depending on the amount of work done during the cleaning or if any treatments were performed, such as a fluoride treatment, you should be careful about what you eat or drink following a dental cleaning.
For example, if your Brampton dentist did a fluoride treatment, then you should wait at least 30 minutes before drinking or eating anything, particularly highly acidic foods or beverages, such as juices or soda. This is because acidic and abrasive foods might reduce the overall effectiveness of the fluoride treatment.
It’s important to remember that some minor pain or discomfort, sensitivity, and tenderness is normal immediately after a dental cleaning. Therefore, it’s important to avoid eating or drinking acidic or even “sticky” foods after a cleaning. This will give your chance for your gums to heal.

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