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Dental Checkup and Cleaning

Maintenance of good oral health is related to the maintenance of good overall health. Oral health in addition to flossing and brushing can also be protected by visiting your dentist regularly for checkups. A dental checkup should happen every six months for most people, but the dentist can recommend otherwise depending on your dental history.

Even if a person practices good oral hygiene at home, they should still have a routine dental checkup and cleaning. A dental checkup is important to keep an eye out for the symptoms for problems like oral cancer, tooth decay, gum diseases, and other problems.


How Often Should an Appointment Be Made for Dental Checkup and Cleaning?

Usually, most people require checkups twice a year. However, for cases where the patient has other problems or conditions, they may require visiting the dentist more often. Routine visits include dental examination, x-ray, and cleaning.


What to Expect During a Dental Checkup at Braydon Dental Care?

A dental check-up usually needs a dentist and an oral hygienist. A typical dental checkup at Braydon Dental Care includes:


· Examination

Dentist along with the oral hygienist starts with examining the mouth, teeth, and gums to look for the problem causing signs or visible changes. A probe is used to measure the space or pockets between the teeth and gums, followed by an explorer to poke the teeth for the determination of any cavities present. A mouth mirror is also used to get a proper view of sides and back of the teeth.

· Cleaning and Polishing

After the examination next is cleaning and polishing where a special instrument known as a scaler or an ultrasonic dental instrument is used to remove and scrape the tartar from the teeth. Teeth are polished next with a rotating rubber brush or cup to get rid of the remaining stains or plaque. Polishing also keeps the surfaces of the teeth smooth so that the plaque does not accumulate so conveniently.

· X-Ray

To look for decays, gum diseases, or other associated problems the dentist may decide to go for an x-ray of the teeth. The exposure to radiations is one of the major drawbacks of x-rays. Therefore, it is important to avoid having them done more than when necessary. The best way to visit the dentist is to make sure to carry copies of previously done x-rays.

· Awareness

After the proper examination and cleaning, the dentist will then discuss any oral hygiene problems observed and will also show you how to floss and brush more effectively.


Other than the usual dental checkup, there is a more thorough dental checkup called the comprehensive examination. It takes place during the first dental visit during which the dentist will make sure to examine the head, mouth, and neck thoroughly. Followed by discussing your medical history along with a series of x-rays taken.


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