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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a prosthetic that is fixed to the teeth in order to fill in one or more missing teeth.

How they are attached to the teeth depends on where the missing teeth are and if there are teeth on both sides of the missing teeth for the bridge to be attached to.

Braydon Dental Care can help you with the proper bridge for your need and a custom fit for that bridge.

Types of bridges

There are four types of bridges;

1. Traditional: replaces one or more missing teeth with false teeth that are attached to the teeth on each side

2. Maryland bridge (resin bridge): a false tooth or teeth that is attached in place by wire or porcelain and bonded to the back of the teeth on both sides of it

3. Cantilever bridge: close to traditional except the false teeth or tooth is secured by an abutment to the tooth on only one side.

4. Implant supported bridge: the bridge, in this case, is secured by dental implant(s) depending on how many implants can be used

Bridge fitting

It is important that you be properly fitted for your bridge in order for it to be comfortable and secure.

A bridge that does not fit properly can cause sore gums, which can cause infections.

Braydon Dental Care will make sure that your bridge fits properly, by taking a mold of your mouth.

When your bridge is placed it should feel as natural as possible and if it is not then you will not be happy with the feel of it.

Oral hygiene with bridges

Once your bridge is secured, you simply follow your daily oral hygiene of brushing twice a day and flossing once a day to keep the bridge clean.

Proper oral hygiene will help your bridge last for many years.



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