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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are typically placed on the external area of the tooth to help restore function, strength, appearance, and shape. Their purpose is to enclose the decayed or damaged tooth and then cementing it in place on the teeth surface. Since the job of dental crowns is to encase the visible tooth area, they now appear as the new external surface of the tooth.

A Dental Crown and Braydon Dental Care is usually made up of metal, porcelain, or a mixture of both components.

Reasons for a Crown
The dentist will recommend a dental crown for the following reasons:

1. For a large filling replacement when there’s very little tooth left.
2. Shielding a weakened tooth from future fractures.
3. Restoring an already fractured tooth.
4. Attaching a bridge.
5. Housing a dental implant.
6. Housing a badly shaped or stained tooth.
7. Housing a tooth that has already undergone root canal treatment.

Treatment Process
The dentist will start to numb the surround area of the affected tooth through a local anesthetic. The tooth will then be filed down. An impression of the tooth is taken so the crown can be crafted to its exact specifications. The dental crown is permanently cemented in its place. Expect some slight discomfort when the crown is installed.

While dental crowns are crafted from solid material, they can still be subjected to decay and wear and tear. Keeping a consistent oral hygiene will help ensure the crown will remain healthy for many years to come.

If one is suffering from a broken or cracked tooth, the dentist will likely recommend a dental crown as well as customized cap to enclose and restore the shape, look, and strength of the affected tooth.

The shape and kind of dental crown that a dentist would recommend will entirely depend on the affected tooth and one’s preference. To know more about dental crowns, contact the dentist today.



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