Crown Sensitivity: How Long Should It Last?

Posted by on April 6, 2018 under Dental Health

For those individuals who have sensitive teeth, you know how difficult and sometimes painful it can be to eat the foods you enjoy the most. As a result, many individuals opt to get dental crowns to help fix broken or uneven teeth due to injuries, accidents, tooth decay or even tooth grinding.
Although a dental crown Brampton can fix that broken tooth, it is normal to experience some sensitivity as a result of the procedure. But how long should it last? Read on to learn more.
First, what causes dental crown sensitivity? After all, isn’t a crown a “fake” part of the tooth? This is true, however, the sensitivity often experienced is due to the real tooth just beneath the crown. There is still some feeling in what remains of the real tooth, which is often why patients experience sensitivity. Furthermore, if the filling is located very close to the nerve, then you’re more likely to experience sensitivity.
All in all, dental crown sensitivity can vary between individual patients. Sensitivity can be brought on by eating or drinking extremely hot or cold foods or beverages. Some patients may also experience some aches, tenderness or discomfort when biting into some foods. If you experience any of these, then not too worry—all of it is normal.
Crown sensitivity is incredibly common after a dental crown procedure with a Brampton dentist, so it should not be a cause for concern. Dental crown sensitivity can typically last up to two weeks, depending on the patient.

Brampton Dentist Emergency

If after the two-week period you are still experiencing pain, then call the Brampton dentist emergency team. You may need to have your dental crown adjusted. The Brampton dentist team can easily fix this, and send you on your way, with a bigger, brighter smile.