Steps of the dental crown procedure in Brampton

Posted by | May 14, 2018

The dental crowns procedure Brampton requires two visits to the dentist. Here are the following procedures: The first visit: On your first visit you will be given an anesthetic, have your tooth shaped, an impression of that tooth made, and a temporary crown put in…


How Do I Make My Kids Less Afraid of the Dentist?

Posted by | April 17, 2018

It’s common for children to be afraid of the dentist. Still, with a little effort, you can show your child that there’s no reason to be afraid.  The Brampton pediatric dentist has been trained to deal with kids who have anxieties and fears about their…


How Necessary Are Dental Sealants in Brampton?

Posted by | April 12, 2018

Many dental patients wonder if dental sealants are necessary. Dental sealants are designed to prevent tooth decay. They are applied on potentially problematic teeth, such as the rear molars in the back of the mouth, typically where food deposits accumulate, causing decay. So, are dental…