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Dental Caps

A dental cap or crown is placed over a tooth in order to repair the tooth’s form, size, strength, and looks.

What are caps made from?

Caps can be made from the following materials;

• Porcelain

• Metal alloys

• Ceramic

• Resin

Porcelain looks most like natural teeth and generally used for the front teeth since it is not really strong enough for the pressure of chewing that the molars take.

Resin is probably the cheapest but it also stains the easiest; things like coffee and wine will easily stain the resin caps as will some acidic foods.

When would a cap be needed?

Brayden Dental care uses caps for the following;

• Fix a broken or eroded tooth

• To protect a weak tooth

• Fasten a dental bridge in place

• Protect a tooth with a sizeable filling where the tooth structure is thin

• Cover a root canal

• Cover a tooth that is misshaped or discoloured

• Over a dental implant

How long will caps last?

How long your caps last will depend on you and your habits.

With good oral hygiene caps could last up to 15 years; if you do not abuse them with teeth grinding, chewing ice, opening packages with your teeth, and other bad habits.

Potential problems with caps

Possible problems with caps are;

• Loose or chipped cap

• Sensitivity

• Allergic reaction

Caring for caps

You do not need special tools to care for your caps, you simply follow good oral hygiene of brushing twice daily and flossing once a day.

Do not eat things like hard candy, ice cubes, or open packages with your crowns and if you are going to play contact sports be sure to use a mouth guard.

Most people will enjoy 10 to 15 years with caps which then will have to be redone but they allow you to keep your natural teeth.



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