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Broken Tooth Care

A broken tooth can happen from contact sports or a simple accident.

Brayden Dental Care has cared for a broken tooth for a number of reasons and can certainly take good care of your broken tooth.

What to do when you have a broken tooth

No matter the reason, your tooth has been broken or how badly it is broken you need to see a dentist as soon as possible.

Brayden Dental Care can help with that as we offer emergency dental care and also have appointments available nights and weekends.

Until your appointment here are a few tips to help with your broken tooth;

• Rinse your mouth frequently with warm water

• Apply an ice pack to the lips or cheek area outside the mouth where the broken tooth is

• Use gauze and apply slight pressure to areas that are bleeding until the bleeding stops

• If you cannot get into the dentist until the next day and you have sharp edges from the break, you can use paraffin wax to cover the sharp edges to keep your tongue and lips from being cut

How the dentist will care for your tooth

When you get to the dentist, he will examine your tooth and determine what needs to be done.

In many cases, the tooth will be able to be saved; however, in some cases, it will require an extraction.

When the dentist can save your tooth he or she will do so by using crowns or onlays, it is possible that resin will be able to handle the fix, and sometimes a root canal will do the job.

Once the dentist has fixed your tooth, follow his or her instructions for pain and oral hygiene.

It may be wise to discuss a mouth guard if it happened while you were playing a contact sport.





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