Brampton Orthodontist

Posted by on January 11, 2018 under Dental Health

If you need a Brampton Orthodontist you should have no problem find a good one as we have several here in Brampton.

What is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a specialist who is trained to deal with prevention, diagnoses, and treatment of facial and/or dental abnormalities, for example, bad bites, also known as malocclusions. Orthodontists may also deal with skeletal and periodontal problems or cleft lips.

Reasons you might need an orthodontist

Some reasons you might need an orthodontist are;
-Braces to straighten crooked or crowded teeth and braces are not just for kids adults get them too
-Fix an overbite or underbite
-Help with TMJ-Fill in gaps between teeth
-Helps avoid long-term unnecessary wear or injury to the teeth

If your primary dentist feels you need an orthodontist he or she will refer you to one.

What to expect on your first trip to the orthodontist

Your first visit will likely go something like this;
-The office will get your insurance information, address, phone number, all your personal information needed to call you with appointment reminders or send you a bill.
-The dental assistant will help get your medical history taken down and charted
-More than likely you have x-rays taken so the orthodontist will have a better idea of the issue he or she needs to help you with
-There may be a need for a dental impression to be taken
-The orthodontist will discuss the issues you have with you and tell you what treatments are available that he or she recommends

When it comes to treatments, remember that the orthodontist has had years of training and experience in the field; he or she will go with what provide the best results for you.

Meaning invisible braces are not always the best solution, but even metal braces are much smaller and safer than they used to be. For more details, visit your Brampton dentist.