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Bonded Restorations – An Affordable Option for a Perfect Smile!

POSTED BY: Manpreet Mangat

While veneers are great, they can also be quite expensive. We want to let our patients know of a more affordable alternative to restore gapped or chipped teeth. Bonded restoration is a cosmetic dental treatment using a tooth-colored composite resin. This composite is used to cover the surface of chipped, gapped, or stained teeth to give an even and beautiful appearance. It is a painless procedure to make minor repairs to teeth. In most cases, several teeth can be bonded in one dental visit at Braydon Dental Care.

The bonded restorations using composite resin can be:

  • Matched to the color of your own teeth
  • Shaped to appear as the missing part of a chipped tooth
  • Used to build up teeth and fill between them
  • Used on a broken or fractured tooth to restore its original size
  • Painted over stained teeth to match the color of the rest of your teeth



The Procedure for Bonded Restorations

The procedure is quite simple! As mentioned before, it can usually be done on several teeth within one visit. To start, our Dentist will place a thin, clear plastic film between the tooth being treated and its neighboring tooth. This film, called a matrix, protects the other teeth from excess composite resin.

Then, our Dentist will apply a mild chemical on the tooth being treated; this chemical will make the tooth a little rough to help the composite resin to stick or bond to the enamel of the tooth. Our Dentist will choose the composite resin that best matches the color of your teeth and will apply the resin in layers on the tooth being treated. An ultraviolet light will be used to harden each layer of the composite. Following the last layer of the composite resin is hardened, our Dentist will shape and polish it to form your tooth. The finish tooth will look natural and smooth.

At your next dental visit, our Dentist will examine the bonding and polish it once more if required. Over time, you can expect the bonding to wear down a bit and the Dentist may touch up the bonding with more composite resin.

Are Bonded Restorations Right for You?

For most people, bonded restorations are a perfect viable option. The best candidates for bonded composites are those with gapped, chipped, and stained teeth. This procedure provides an effective and affordable option for patients who wish to perfect their smile.

However, bonded composites may make a less desirable treatment for patients who have certain personal habits. You would not be a fit candidate for this treatment if you smoke cigarettes, or drink coffee regularly. This is because the composite resin is more likely to become stained and thus have a yellow appearance to its color. This procedure will also not suit you if you have bite your fingernails, chew on pens or plastic because the bonding material is not as strong as your natural teeth. These habits can possibly chip the bonded composite. While bonded restorations usually last several years, patients may find they need repairs sooner than usual due to their biting habits.

Want to perfect your smile? Come in for a consultation today and see if you are the perfect candidate for bonded restorations!

  • Our Dentist will check all of your teeth,
  • A treatment plan will be made for upon examination of your mouth
  • The bonded restorations will be placed in a single appointment
  • And you will walk out with a perfect smile!


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