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Can Baking Soda and Lemon be used for Teeth Whitening?

Posted by on June 15, 2018 under Dental Health

We all want white teeth. However, it is best left to professionals or products that have been tested and deemed safe for your teeth.

Brampton teeth whitening can be done at home with the proper products.

Baking soda and Lemon for teeth whitening

These two are not normally combined and therefore until recently, no studies of the two combined had done.

However, the 2015 study by the American Dental Association,  showed that baking soda does not completely neutralize the acid in lemon juice.

The problem with the acidic lemon juice is that it eats away at your tooth enamel. Unlike your nails, the enamel on teeth does not grow back. This can cause major problems.

Not to mention that baking soda is gritty much like Ajax or other powdered cleansers which may remove the surface stains but leaves behind fine scratches that make it that much easier for new deposits to gather and cause worse stains.

The Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene, on the other hand, says that using baking soda and lemon juice one a week is ok, but not to over use it as it can harm your tooth enamel.

Professional cleaning

Having a professional cleaning twice a year is truly your best bet.

Stop or reduce habits that contribute to teeth staining such as; consuming large amounts of coffee and red wine products and stop tobacco use.

Exercise proper oral hygiene of brushing twice daily and flossing.

If you truly feel it necessary to whiten between professional cleanings, ask your Brampton dental office what products they recommend and how often you should use those products.

In all honestly, protecting your tooth enamel is key in helping to prevent cavities which can cause extraction and dentures.